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Dinner Subscription

Dinner Subscription


Ever wonder what all our mixes taste like, or want at least one easy meal a month?  We have the solution for you and it also makes a great gift!


This is a monthly subscription, each order includes a soup, a bread, and a dip mix to have a complete meal.  When you order your first subscription box it will be shipped out imedietly and then the fist week of each month after.  Each month through the 12 month will have a different set of mixes never duplicating the mixes thorughout the year.  Best news you get to be one of the first to try our new mixes, we have many new items in the works.  


Each soup and bread mix makes enough for 4 full servings and all the dip mixes make 1 cup of dip. All mixes take one ingredient to make and all insturctions are on the back of each mix.  


Is this a gift for someone else?  Please note that in your order details so that we can make sure to send to them who it is from and let them know what they are getting!


Jan 2024 - Broccoli Cheese soup, Beer Bread, Onion Cheese Dip
Feb 2024 - *NEW* Green Chili Beer Bread, *NEW* Refried Bean Mix, Green Chili Parmesan Dip

March 2024 - Fried Rice, Pretzel, Vegetable 

April 2024 - Split Pea, Focaccia, Bacon Dip

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Dinner Box
Subscribe & Save 15%
$14.45every month until canceled
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