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Classic Pretzel Mix

Classic Pretzel Mix


Our bread mixes you just add water and bake


The classic soft preztel mix gives you that perfect pretzel for snacking.  Top with salt or cinnamon sugar.  This mix does take rising so takes longer amount of time to make then all of our other breads which are quick beads, see below of instructions.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, yeast, sugar, salt


Mix contents with 1 1/4 cup water turning dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead until it forms a smooth ball.  Add more flour as necessary if the dough is too sticky.  Place the dough into a lightly oiled bowl and turn to coat with oil.  Cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 1.5-2hrs until double in size.  Punch down, then return to the floured surface and divide into 8 pieces.  Roll each piece into a long log and twist to a pretzel shape (see insert in package for directions).  Boil 4 cups water in a pan and boil each pretzel for 1 min.  Place on greased pan and bake for 12-15min

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